Buddhist Philosophy
on Grief, Dying, Gender, Desire and every else thing that matters.

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Carrying Illness onto the Path

Buddhist Advice for Carrying Illness Into the Path Buddhist biographies have few detailed accounts of illness and disease. However, since illness and disease have been such teachers to me, I have found inspiration from those less common passages and stories which touch on this tender topic, so central to our human experience. The nineteenth century … Continue reading Carrying Illness onto the Path

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She Was A Natural Yogini

Zurmo Gendun bum – A Post on Buddhist Women in Tibetan History There was a fourteenth century (1) female master of the Nyingma lineage who came from the Zur family. Her name was Zurmo Gendun bum. (Tib. zur mo dge ’dun ’bum). Nyingma yogini, member of the powerful Zur family, endowed with natural dignity, female … Continue reading She Was A Natural Yogini

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