Buddhist Philosophy
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Restoring Psychological Balance Through Hor-me Therapy

One of the most widely practiced home remedies in Tibetan Medicine used by families and Amchis (Tibetan doctors) as part of the Tibetan Medicine oral tradition. Horme has many applications and especially used for restoring balance in the case of “wind disorders” such as agitation, depletion or weakness. Horme is traditionally used for emergencies, for … Continue reading Restoring Psychological Balance Through Hor-me Therapy

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What is Tibetan Yoga?

Tibetan Yoga practices regulate the flow of energy in the body and mind in order to remove negative tendencies and blocks. The goal is to allow our natural state of sanity and wisdom to emerge. Tibetan Yoga practices vary according to each lineage and tradition, though some practices are more common, such as the nine … Continue reading What is Tibetan Yoga?

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