Buddhist Philosophy
on Grief, Dying, Gender, Desire and every else thing that matters.

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Beautiful Tibet & A Buddhist Yogi

This is a photo I took of Katok monastery in Tibet, last month during the celebration of Padmasambhava. Katok offers another example of how Tibet’s Buddhist Yogis have played a major role in Tibetan Buddhist history. Katok Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in eastern Tibet. It is also the oldest monastery of the Nyingma … Continue reading Beautiful Tibet & A Buddhist Yogi

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Carrying Illness onto the Path

Buddhist Advice for Carrying Illness Into the Path Buddhist biographies have few detailed accounts of illness and disease. However, since illness and disease have been such teachers to me, I have found inspiration from those less common passages and stories which touch on this tender topic, so central to our human experience. The nineteenth century … Continue reading Carrying Illness onto the Path

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