Saga Dawa

Today is Saga Dawa, the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth, awakening and passing away (parinirvana).

It is a day when Buddhists around the world practice mantras, make prayers and ritual offerings and perform acts of generosity.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that today the effects of actions are multiplied many millions of times over, therefore it is an important day for spiritual practices and positive actions.

It is also a day for great acts of generosity such as saving lives, donating to dharma organizations or donating to provide relief and aid for those in need.


Here is the first video in my series on the Buddha’s life story:

Here is the link!

Pema Khandro is a Tibetan Buddhist scholar, humanitarian, and teacher in the rare lineage of Tibet’s Buddhist Yogis. Raised in the west, ordained in the Nyingma lineage, enthroned as a tulku and trained as an academic, Pema Khandro presents both a traditional perspective and a modern voice. Read more at:
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