Mind is like the sky

“Mind, continual source of meanings, is like the sky:
The sky is Mind, genuine meaningfulness,
Without duality, complete and identical with itself —
Understand it thoroughly straight away.”

~ Longchenpa
Excerpt from Now That I Have Come to Die, p. 47

Pema Khandro is a Tibetan Buddhist scholar, humanitarian, and teacher in the rare lineage of Tibet’s Buddhist Yogis. Raised in the west, ordained in the Nyingma lineage, enthroned as a tulku and trained as an academic, Pema Khandro presents both a traditional perspective and a modern voice. Read more at: https://pemakhandro.org/pema-khandro-extended-biography/
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  1. My favorite part is “understand it thoroughly straight away” The only way I can do that is to feel it and let go of trying to understand it, at the same time claiming the understanding. I like that the implication is there that the reader can indeed understand it thoroughly straight away.

  2. I’d like to thank you a lot for your kindness in creating the blog. It’s an amazing tool. Please don’t quit! Please post anything (whenever possible). Whatever arises in your mind is absolutely meaningful. I’m sure that whoever made/will make a connection with you – mainly those ones who are far from the USA – will feel closer to you every time he/she reads your posts. Thank you so much! Thank you so much! Thank you so much! May all beings benefit.


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